K.A.T.E. Benches

Acts of kindness really do make a difference! Because of the kindnesses from so many generous people, kindness4kate.org has been able to donate the following benches. Each donated bench was funded differently, and each has a unique story. Some were donated by a single donor, others were made possible by combining individual gifts. Some benches were given to honor someone at a selected school, and some because our family or someone else had a connection with a school. No matter the reasons, all have been possible because of a multitude of kindnesses. Every donation, no matter how large or how small, has had and will have its part in seeing benches placed across the country to promote kindness. Kindness4kate.org extends our sincere thanks to all who have donated to make the benches a reality, because kindness matters, and kindness really does make a difference.



Bench One:

Our first K.A.T.E. bench has been delivered!!! It has gone to Fayetteville Academy in Fayetteville, N.C., and this bench has a very special story behind it. About 6 months into my journey, a kind friend gifted me with a beautiful coaster - {much reminiscent of the tiles I used to paint with quotes on them.} On the back was the story behind these “Care Coasters”. {carescoasters.com} Laura Reeves had lost her twin sister, Caroline, to cancer, and as a way to heal her pain, she began painting these coasters and selling them - the money going to cancer and other meaningful places, etc. I was so intrigued by what she was doing that I decided to reach out to her, and right away we became friends. She was so open and vulnerable and wise in expressing her journey toward hope and healing - and became a huge impetus in encouraging me to create my own non profit. She is an art teacher at Fayetteville Academy and has actually just started her own after-school kindness club - with no knowledge of my project!!! She has been doing a project each week with these young children and teaching them the importance of kindness - she has also been sharing with me all of her wonderful ideas which I, in turn, have been sharing with schools in hopes that they, too, will begin simple acts of promoting kindness. So I am sooooo excited that this 1st bench has been placed in a school where kindness is such a priority.

I want to thank each and every one of you who have either donated to this cause, or have been huge encouragers. What a blessing! And how meaningful it has been to see this spread of kindness!!! So again, a huge THANK YOU to each of you for making all of this possible!